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The Adventures of the Orange Hat
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Adventures of the Orange Hat!

On a shopping trip to the local Ranch & Home last summer, my husband and son came home with this silly and obnoxious Orange Felt Hat! Thomas my hubby said it was all Matthew’s idea to buy the hat. Ranch & Home sold it to them for only $5, as it had no price on it, and they could not find another one. Over the summer my hubby could often be seen wearing his tacky Orange Hat, as he rode his lawnmower around the neighborhood, mowing ours and our neighbor’s yards. Now mind you this hat is felt, so it is very hot to wear in the 100F heat of summer, but he didn’t care, as he loves his ridiculous Orange Hat!

During a family get together, my Uncle Craig (a USN Veteran) found the Orange Hat and modeled it along with my husband’s pipe and my son’s play cane! He even danced a little jig! The hat was turning into a fun filled family story at this point!

So one day while my brother, David and I were talking, he came up with a brilliant idea, and asked me to send the Orange Hat to Afghanistan, where he was currently deployed! Knowing my brothers personality, I knew he would come up with some fun things to do with the Orange Hat! Along with the Orange Hat I sent over a disposable camera and told David…have fun! Not only did David get pictures of him self in the Orange Hat, but got several people in his own unit to model it as well, including a couple of Chiefs!

Just as the Orange Hat was in transit home, my hubby realized it was missing…oh boy was he hopping mad! My son and I tried to come up with ideas of where it might be, such as he left it as his moms, or he lost it in the store. But he wasn’t buying it! So finally we told him it was in Afghanistan! The look on his face was priceless! Shock, disbelief, and total confusion! “What is it doing in Afghanistan? What is David doing to it? It’s going to come back ruined! Why did you do this to me! Now I am going to have to go buy a new Orange Hat!” He said. At this point I knew that the Orange Hat was a day or two away from arriving home, so I wasn’t as worked up over it as he was!

Later that week, his Orange Hat returned, but he still knew nothing about the pictures. At first he was quite upset that the Orange Hat was dirty, but then he realized that it was sand and dirt from Afghanistan…and well not everyone has a hat with Afghani dirt on it! As I ran some errands later that day, I dropped the camera to get the film developed. After I picked my son up from school, we rushed to Walgreens to pick up the pictures, anxious to see what it is Uncle David did with the Orange Hat! Matthew and I were in tears at the counter of Walgreens as we looked through the pictures! We were laughing so hard the lady from customer service asked us what was going on! After we explained to her about the Orange Hat she joined in with our laughter!

I posted the pics David took on FB without telling my hubby, knowing he is on FB often throughout the day, and would see them soon enough! He loved it! He laughed as hard as we did, thus making the whole event worth while! To date this is the best prank we have played on him!

Over Christmas break, when the snow was on the ground, I noticed my son outside in the backyard with his back to me. As I watched him, I figured he was up to something and needed to grab the camera, as I had a feeling this was going to be one of those moments that I needed to capture on film! Sure enough when he finally stepped back from what he was working on, I saw a cute little Snowman complete with stone eyes, a carrot nose, and atop his head an Orange Hat!

So as the Adventures of the Orange Hat continues, I often look at my hubby and just shake my head…only he would fall in love with an Orange Hat! Stay tuned for more adventures of the Orange Hat…who knows where it will end up next!


Matthew loves Da’s Orange Hat so much we lucked out and found another one at Ranch & Home just like it for him. They even sold it to him for the same $5. Only difference is, it doesn’t have any Afghani dirt on it! He is very much bummed about this, so who knows, his Orange Hat may have to take a trip around the world as well!

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Jay Frank giving his take on the Carnival rides! Allison Crawford is such a great Support of GOFP!
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