Our Mission:
To bring NEW Clothing and Daily Essentials to our Walking Wounded Soldiers currently serving in Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan or wherever there is a need.

Why You Are Needed:
What many people do not know about is sometimes our soldiers are wounded in a way that is considered non-emergency, they often are separated from their gear packs, their clothes commonly cut off of them, a loss of shoes and other items. This leaves them without the many necessities including simple things like t-shirts, underwear, shoes & hygiene products. We need your help to fill those needs for our troops, waiting, often for months at a time, to come home.  
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Guardians of Freedom Person of Contact is Amy N. Withers.
To contact her directly please email her at:
amynwithers@tmwdesign.com  or call or text her at 509-990-0563
Ok the time has come... 
I am officially closing the Guardians Of Freedom Project down, until further notice. I need a break, and need to focus on my family and other endeavors. 
Thank You to EVERYONE who has Supported Me and My little Project these Past 4 years! I couldn't have done it without you all!

My life has forever been changed! I have met many strangers who I am now Proud to call my Friends! Thank You all for that!

This website will be shut down shortly! If you are wanting to get a shirt, contact me now as I have a few left in stock!


I will be packing up the remainder of our gear to send to Walter Reed Hospital in WA, DC. As well as Bargram Airfield, Afhganistan, and a few FOB's in Afghanistan.  

Thanks Again for all the Amazing Support these past 4 years!

If you want to continue supporting the troops... Check out these great local organizations that do amazing things for our Veterans!!!  

Kennewick, WA